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Couture Care is a specialist hand-finished service meant for those exceptional garments sewn with extreme attention and care and made from high quality materials, fragile embroidery, and/ or intricate beadwork.

Garments of this condition require the most attention and specific methods of cleaning. We determine the best possible treatment for each piece based on the composition of the individual garment. The cleaning methods of delicate pieces most often entail individual pre-spotting and post-spotting, gentle cleaning cycles at low temperatures, hand pressing, complimentary standard button replacement (where possible), and many levels of quality control. Our unique attention to detail ensures that all embellishments and ornate features of the garment are protected.

After the garment is given the attention and cleaning it deserves, it is carefully hung on the appropriate hangers.


We give specialised attention to your clothing using only the most gentle and fabric-friendly methods of cleaning and repairing. Part of our specialised attention is to meticulously separate different garments according to color and texture to prevent any damage from occurring. If it is deemed necessary, we are happily willing to replace missing standard buttons free of charge. Star’s attentive quality control standards generate remarkable levels of customer satisfaction. Our methods and procedures ensure your clothes look their best and are preserved for many more years to come.

We use the wet-cleaning method for delicate washing. Wet cleaning uses sophisticated technology to wash without the use of chemical solvents, thus ensuring a lower carbon footprint and minimal damage to garments that typically require dry-cleaning.

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Cotton and polycotton shirts are laundered, and pressed, delivering a clean and professional appearance.


Whether it is for nostalgia, or for the intention of preserving it and passing it on to future generations, Star Dry Cleaning guarantees that your wedding gown will be flawlessly restored and preserved after your special day.

Our specialist service includes thorough, yet gentle cleaning and hand-finishing with our diligent attention to even the smallest details.

Each dress will be individually evaluated by our specialist bridal team to conclude the most appropriate cleaning method. As the prices of restoring and cleaning wedding gowns vary, the complexity, size of fabric, quantity of embellishments, and the extent to which cleaning and pressing required will all be considered when determining the cost.

We recognize the sentimental value of your wedding gown, and therefore will do everything we can to ensure that nothing will happen to it. For a task as important as this, it is vital to choose a high quality, specialist service provider, and for that, we are your answer.



Mattress protectors

Duvet inners





Pillow cases


Duvet covers



Cushion covers

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Table cloths


Although leather and suede are two of the trickiest fabrics to clean, Star Dry Cleaning has you covered.

Over the years, we have invested many hours in the testing and research of cleaning such fabrics, and have worked with many leading companies to ensure that our leather and suede cleaning methods are among the finest.

Although regular cleaning is vital to protect the material from any stains that may impair the appearance of the skin, our cleaning processes will help to recover the its natural oils and suppleness.


Our specialist tailoring service ensures that you will only need one stop for your for all your altering needs.

Delivering the consistent quality of service and care that you’ve come to expect from Star, your garments will be returned to you in a state that will you fit you beautifully. With years of experience, our tailoring team possesses the expertise needed to alter and reshape your garments in order to achieve a precise fit and impeccable finish.

If you have any garments that need repairing, our tailors will ensure that not only will your repairs last longer, but will blend as seamlessly as possible into the original state of the clothing.